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Since 1987, NOVEX Enterprises has provided reliable and efficient services in manufacturing and supplying military spare parts to U.S. Defense Logistic Agencies (TACOM, DSCC, DSCR, DSCP) with existing awards in-house and to exporters in the U.S.A. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, under the Cage Code #0B1S1, NOVEX Enterprises has over 30 years of experience in this industry and is committed to upholding its standard of excellence. 

Customer Support

  • All Requests for Quotations (RFQ) will be processed and answered within two business days

  • Orders from our inventory are shipped within 7 to 10 days A.R.O.

  • MIL-STD-2073 packing and labeling are done in-house.

NOVEX’s quality system is in compliance with DLA-Aviation ISO 9001:2008.

Products Offered

NOVEX inventory consists of NEW, NOS, and surplus items. NOVEX will only offer and sell what we own. Our inventory consists of over 200,000 parts in over 1,300 lines.

In addition to the military space parts, we also have Industrial items consisting of Relays, Switches, Motors, Valves, Solenoids, Solenoid Valves, Fittings, Fasteners, and others. 

Parts in our inventory are related to but not limited to the equipment listed below:

  • HMMWV, M39, M44A2, M809, M939 vehicles. 

  • M1 family Tanks, M2/M3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, M60A3 Family Tanks, M88A1, M113 Armored Family Personnel Carriers, MRAP, STRYKER (Piranha), (LAV III) Light Armored Vehicle, MK48 LVS, M746 (HET), M977A2/M985A2 (HEMMT), M1083 (FMTV).

  • Parts for F4 and F16 Aircraft related items 

  • Navy related items 

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